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Sunday 3rd July

Services in our Churches this Sunday

10am at St. John’sMorning praise, and hosting the Zoom service, with Judi Witcomb speaking.
10am at All Saints Holy Communion with Peter Walley Speaking.
4pm at St John’s – Reflective Holy Communion led by Michael Huggett.

Although the wearing of masks is now ‘personal choice’, if mask-less, please observe distancing or ask ‘permission’ before sitting next to someone wearing a mask. We need to consider others. Thank you.

Prayers during the week – Prayers at 8am, Tuesday and Thursday, are now in All Saints church in person, till renovation work starts.

All Saints Café – Meets on Wednesdays but is closed for 6th July. It will resume on 13th July.

St John’s Rest Stop Café – Meets on Friday mornings, 10am – 12noon. Outside when weather permits, otherwise in the Link. Do join us for Tea/Coffee, friendly conversation, and delicious home-made cakes. If you are able/willing to help in any way please contact Alun.

Pause and Ponder in the All Saints Church yard 1 June until Mid July 2022
We invite you to come and Pause and Ponder in the All Saints church yard. Janice Toplis, Helen Walley and Lindsay Nicklin have put their heads together to offer space to reflect in the churchyard and there are about 16 stations around this special space for you to do that. Please let other people know and come yourself to enjoy a reflective space during what we trust will be warmer weather. Thank you. Helen Walley

Pill Packet Recycling – Morningside Pharmacy are no longer taking blisterpacks for recycling, but they can still be taken to Superdrug in either the Cornmarket or Derbion branches. We will still receive them at St. John’s, but if you plan to visit the city centre it would help if you could take them with you to deposit at Superdrug.

CTM Prayer Walk – Thursday 7th July at 10.15am – Meet at Our Lady of Lourdes Car park. We will walk the local area praying for God’s blessing on the communities and businesses, and seeking to hear anything God may be saying to us. If you would like to take part, please contact me at or phone 01332 239645 Thanks Ray

Date for the Diary – St. Andrews Radbourne summer fete is on Sunday 31st July. at 2pm at Radbourne Hall. More details soon.

The Prayer Chain. Sometimes we feel very alone. It may be ill health, or a difficult relationship or situation. We may even find it difficult to pray. At such times it is good to know that others are praying for us. It takes away that feeling of loneliness, and reassures that the Lord is with us, and will sustain us. If you feel that need of prayer, please contact Michael Huggett, who will inform members of the Prayer Chain of your request. We shall pray for you for a month, and you can then renew your request. Your request is confidential, and we shall keep it to ourselves. You can also request prayer for others, but you need their consent, if I am going to circulate details. Michael Huggett

Rest Stop Café – Coffee Morning for Ukraine. Thank you to all involved in organising and running the Coffee Morning last week. Thank you too for the many donations of tea, coffee, cakes, raffle prizes, etc and to all who came and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Together we raised £257.20 for the people in Ukraine and Ukrainians settling here in Derby. The money was sent to the Derby Branch of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain and they have sent a lovely response, expressing their gratitude and appreciation, a copy of which is on the link noticeboard. Thank You. Kim

For Your Diaries – Sunday 31st July– The joint Holy Communion will be held at St Johns at 10am due to limited space at All Saints during the renovations.

Forthcoming events at St. John’s

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